A Message From Mike

About Integrated Loss Control, Inc.


Integrated Loss Control, Inc. (ILC) is a progressive consulting firm specializing in a range of Loss Control Services. We have been providing quality, hands-on consultation services for more than 25 years to a wide range of private, commercial, & public sector clients; no matter how large and sophisticated, or small and fundamental your organization may be, ILC stands ready to lead you to success.

What does “Loss Control” mean?

Losses can fall anywhere on the spectrum from losing money and property, to losing employees. A “loss” can be anything that affects your organization’s ability to function safely and effectively.

ILC's Commitment to Our Clients:

At ILC we all know that “a successful service relationship is built on trust.” To build trust, we provide our customers with a logical, easy-to-understand approach. Through assessments and educational conversations, ILC brings wisdom to the topic(s) of concern. We take the time to help our clients make sensible choices for their organization’s short-term needs and long-term future, thus building trust. ILC promises to:

• Deliver the very best quality, value & customer service at a fair price • Be dedicated to a successful return on your investment
• Meet or exceed performance standards • Achieve desired results
• Commit to excellence in all that we do • To be professional, knowledgeable & ethical
• To be a trusted & dependable resource  

ILC recently had a promotional article featured in Minnesota Insurance Magazine. We sat down with the publisher to give great insight on how our "Sustainable Solutions Help Agents, Risk Managers Shine".

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