OSHA 300 Injury/Illness Recordkeeping System

ILC has assembled the key information necessary to help employers comply with OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) injury & illness recordkeeping regulation. This regulation requires employers to record and report work-related: fatalities, injuries and illnesses.

There are many forms and helpful tips included in this system, but most importantly there is a log to keep track of your recordable incidents year by year. The log comes packed with formulas that will do much of the calculating for you; as long as you input information into the correct slots, the logs will crunch the numbers instead of you.

See the video below to find out more information about this system.

Benefits of the OSHA 300 Injury/Illness Recordkeeping System:

• Ongoing no-cost technical phone support for basic questions regarding use of the system & questions about classification of work-related injuries & illnesses
• All the information you need to meet & maintain compliance is provided
• Easy to use, customizable logs automatically calculates required data on the OSHA 300 form & places it on the OSHA 300A form for posting
• Easy to follow instructions for those not familiar with using a spreadsheet
• Can start with this system any time of year
• ILC can help enter previous years' data
• As required based on your employee count, NAICS industry code, or state program rule; ILC can help with your data review and annual 300A summary entry into the Federal Injury Tracking Application (ITA)
• Manage work-related cases, set trends with built-in automatically generated graphs & Incident Rate Calculations Table



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