Are you finding it difficult to fill a fleet safety and compliance position within your operation? Or, are you spread too thin with other responsibilities that may cause fleet safety and compliance to take a backseat? Ever wonder if you are meeting your DOT requirements?

Let Integrated Loss Control, Inc. be your safety and compliance resource to help keep your operation compliant with DOT regulations and promote safety throughout your office and driver staff!

What ILC Can Offer You:

Assistance in Hiring Safe, Qualified, & Experienced Drivers. Allow ILC to run driving records and verify previous employment to help ensure you are getting a quality candidate.
Defined Level of Hands-on Support. ILC can assist you by designing a service package that can meet your organization’s fleet safety and compliance needs.
Driver Orientations. ILC will make onsite visits to your organization to perform training for drivers after they are hired.)
Driver Recruiting Assistance. ILC can help write employment advertisements and run them in the correct geographical area that best fits your operation. Recruiting materials will also be developed to be sent out to applicants once they inquire about a position.)
Driver Trainings & Meetings. When new regulations or specific fleet safety topics arise that need to be addressed, ILC will hold trainings or meetings with your drivers and other effected employees.
Drug & Alcohol Testing Compliance. Tests will be monitored to maintain compliance with FMCSR Part 382.
Monitor Driver Hours of Service. ILC will audit your driver logs for hours of service violations and verify logs against supporting documents for falsification. Note-includes assistance with implementing and administering electronic driver logs.
Monitor Driver Qualification Files. There will be constant monitoring for CDL and medical expirations, verification of physicals against the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners, and ensure annual reviews are completed and new MVR’s are run.
Monthly Monitoring of Safety Management Systems (SMS) Scores. ILC can monitor your SMS scores to ensure that all violations are accurate and will challenge any violations or accidents that are incorrectly placed on your profile.
On-Call Support. ILC is available for questions on accidents or other issues that arise on a daily basis.
Post-Accident Assistance. ILC will aid in post-accident reporting, insurance claims, and drug and alcohol testing. ILC will also assist you with handling claims from both compliance and insurance aspects.
Vehicle Licensing and Permitting & Fuel and Mileage Tax Reporting. ILC will file all necessary quarterly tax reports along with keeping your fleet legally licensed and permitted.

Contact ILC today to being exploring the various options available to assist you with your Fleet Safety & Compliance needs!

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