ILC's SDS Inventory Manager

The SDS Inventory Manager has been designed to help you be compliant with the newly revised OSHA standards that include the changes that were made to align the Hazard Communication Standard / MN Employee Right To Know Rule with the Global Harmonization System (GHS) requirements.

Integrated Loss Control's SDS Inventory Manager is an electronic way to manage your Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and your archived Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). It was created with convenience and organization in mind. This Manager is based in Microsoft office programs, so it is user-friendly & doesn't require any special software downloads.

The SDS Inventory Manager is designed to have one-click access to any and all SDS and archived MSDS that an employee would need. The Administrator or Coordinator of your program can choose which information to include on the spreadsheet and set up links to the corresponding SDS and MSDS. This Manager allows any authorized user to view & make updates to this spreadsheet; the authorization is determined by your Administrator or IT personnel.

Should you determine that you need assistance to set up your spreadsheet and enter your SDS, ILC can be a resource for you in getting this accomplished and help you save time. To see how we can help click here.

Components of the SDS Manager

  • Inventory Spreadsheet: Contains tabs for current SDS, archived SDS, and archived MSDS
  • Spreadsheet Instructions
  • Approved Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Inventory Spreadsheet
  • PPE Hazard Assessment Form
  • Environmental Health & Safety Product Screening Form
  • OSHA website links to SDS requirements and PPE requirements
  • Links to Combustible Dust, REACH, and RoHS websites
  • Suggested Recordkeeping Structure and Guidelines (text and video)


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