ILC's eModules

Health & Safety Environmental Human Resources Fleet Safety & Compliance


Insurances Business Continuity &
Disaster Recovery
Security Wellness

ILC’s eModules make up the components of the eSystem. Each eModule was created to either function alone as a component to your loss control program, or be coordinated together and engage in the ‘system approach’ to your overall loss control efforts.

eSystem Overview

All of the eModules seen above are portions of ILC’s Loss Control eSystem. The eSystem packages together, and brings logic to, any and all relevant information to the topic at hand. Each eModule is sufficient by itself or can be linked together with other eModules to build your eSystem.

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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is the very first step ILC takes when working with a client to create their program and support options. Through assessments and information gathering, it lays out where your program is currently, where you want it to be, and how ILC will help you get there.

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Support Services

ILC’s Support Services contains a range of service options for clients to assist in the maintenance of their ILC products, as well as general administrative duties to alleviate the workload of our clients. Use your imagination to try and visualize all of the ways that ILC can help your business now and in the future.

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