ILC is capable of assisting your organization in meeting selected Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance requirements, and non-DOT fleet program needs. If DOT compliance is not required, but your insurance carrier requires you to have a structured fleet safety program to minimize potential losses associated with fleet activities, ILC can help. ILC can help pull together, package and coordinate your fleet safety program efforts. Your insurance agent and others may find these services useful in demonstrating compliance and showing that your organization is a good risk. We will tailor the services to meet your needs.

Project-by-Project Support

1.  On-Call General Fleet Consultant Support
2.  Post-Accident Assistance    
3.  Assist with Pre-DOT Audit Preparation      
4.  Assist with Post-DOT Audit Findings (i.e., Rating upgrades)      
5.  Auditing – Perform Selected DOT Records Reviews    
6.  Assist with DOT Safety Management Score (SMS) Improvement
7.  Assist with Analysis of Motor Vehicle Accident Trends, Set Goals
8.  Fleet Safety Program Administrator Training
9.  Customized Fleet Safety Programs (DOT and Non-DOT)
10.  Selected On-site or Virtual Training
11.  Provide Customized Educational Bulletins/Prompts

If you do not see the support you are looking for give us a call and see if we might still be able to help you.

Core Services & Solutions ILC can offer you!

Health & Safety

Health & Safety: ILC has an abundance of Health & Safety services to offer our clients. We are sure you will find numerous useful options to enhance your organization’s loss control efforts. Please take a look at your options and imagine how successful you can be with ILC on your team!

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Construction Safety


Construction Safety Services: ILC can assist in guiding your company in the right direction to be OSHA and/or MSHA compliant which in turn will save your company time, money and protect your most valuable assets – your employees. Let us help package your safety efforts so you can efficiently and effectively meet your needs.

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Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene: ILC delivers exceptional, professional services to assist your Industrial Hygiene efforts. Because we have a broad range of capabilities, we are able to meet your workplace evaluation requirements. See what we can do for you!

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Support Services

Support Services: ILC’s Support Services offers a plethora of ways to assist administrative and managerial personnel in being organized and maintaining certain information and data to help ensure the success of their loss control programs and for the organization in general. With ILC being virtually down the hall we can help you!

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