Driver Background Checks & Verification of Employment

Are you frustrated with the time and energy put into conducting a background check or verifying employment on a potential employee?

Integrated Loss Control, Inc.’s (ILC) experienced staff can expedite this process and assist you with getting your applicants into the driver’s seat as quickly as possible. Organizations are often too busy handling other paperwork to search for references and following up on requested information. ILC can help keep your recruiters on the phone and out of the paper chase.

ILC will follow DOT regulations, and if requested, keeping your organization compliant in this phase of the hiring process. If requested, ILC can advise whether the applicant is a good or bad risk, the decision to hire is yours.

The Process

You will establish the qualification perimeter requirements to use.
The application and required release documents will be emailed or faxed to ILC.s
A state driving record will be run to determine if the applicant's moving violation history is acceptable per your established perimeters.
Verification of employment history is then conducted for the previous three years, as required by DOT regulations. Extra years are available upon request, for an additional cost.
ILC will return the application, all references, and state driving record to your organization for consideration.



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