Driver Retention Assessment

The Challenge:

Trying to find good qualified drivers these days can be quite a challenge. It’s expensive, takes a lot of time, and with constant turnover it can be damaging to the relationship with your customers and limit future growth

Take a look at your recruiting and hiring expenses and compare it to what it would take to retain good employees for solid growth in the future.

The Issue:

Often employers concentrate so much on recruiting that they don’t look at what is causing drivers to leave. What is the true causation of the turn-over, is it related to:

  Compensation (pay)? Benefits?
Amount of time away from home (time on the road)?
Personnel conflict within the operations department or other management?
How equipment is maintained, perception or reality?
Company culture and attitude?
Are the right drivers being hired in the first place?
A combination of these items or others?
Or maybe you just can’t put your finger on the problem?

The Solution:
Perform a Driver Retention Assessment - Perhaps it is time to consider a qualified resource from outside the organization which can help identify the issues surrounding the turn-over, make the relevant recommendations, and help implement the solutions.

ILC has the qualified staff with the relevant hands-on experience to help you successfully address this important challenge. ILC staff can bring a combined total of sixty plus years of successful hands-on recruiting, retention, and related driver relations experience. ILC is capable of providing a thorough and unbiased Driver Retention Assessment to help determine the driver retention needs of a company.  


Once a determination is made as to what the retention problem is, ILC can help by providing training in improving communication skills, working with recruiting and safety in driver selection and building an organization culture that will enhance driver satisfaction.

The Next Step:

Start by contacting ILC and exploring the various options for helping you with your Driver Retention Challenges and other Fleet Safety & Compliance Program needs.