Safety Program Administrator Training

Fleet Safety and Occupational Safety

The Challenge:

Businesses are asking employees with varying backgrounds and experience levels to take on the responsibility of putting together fleet health and safety programs which will meet the company’ s philosophy and policies, along with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

This training program is designed to provide adequate and meaningful training to those individuals who do not currently have the education or experience needed to meet expectations. The participants(s) will come away from this training with an understanding of relevant compliance requirements and how to set up and administer a workable program.

The Benefits of This Training:

No matter what size an organization is, there are health and safety considerations to be addressed. State and Federal DOT and OSHA have very specific regulations for businesses to follow. Insurance companies have various requirements, and programs which are in place and organized may help obtain reduced premium costs. Employee expectations of the safety program can be met. In certain situations, customers or potential customers, require minimum programs as contractual conditions. Knowing what is needed to have a successful program will allow the organization to make informed decisions regarding resources allocation and the benefits returned.

If the training is conducted on-site, the training can use real world issues you need to address as part of the training curriculum. This allows you to take care of the issues and receive the training at the same time. This is a very cost effective learning experience..

An effective Fleet Safety Program starts with having a safety manger that has the ability to communicate and promote safety in an effective, acceptable manner to drivers, management, and other personnel.

The Solution:

ILC can provide carriers with customized Fleet Safety & Compliance Program Administrator (Manager) training for either an existing employee assigned this responsibility, or a newly hired employee with little or no experience in DOT and fleet safety management.

In addition, ILC can, if requested, assist in helping a carrier find the right individual that will be able to carry out the carrier's safety goals and objectives. This individual may be from within the organization or from the outside.

The individual assigned the fleet safety and compliance responsibilities (whether assigned as full time responsibilities or added along with other responsibilities) will be trained in all aspects of Federal Motor Carrier and State DOT compliance. This can also include Federal OSHA and relevent State OSHA requirements.

Reducing accidents and injuries is a concern for every carrier. ILC will train this individual in depth on how to be effective in reaching this goal. You may contact ILC for a detailed Training Outline.

The Next Step:

Start by contacting ILC and exploring the various options for helping you with putting in place a training and orientation program that will help your program administrator be successful in meeting your requirements and expectations relating to your Safety Program(s). .