Often organizations have policies that state a driver who has developed unsafe driving behaviors or experiences a certain threshold of accidents is terminated. In today’s driver environment, organizations must decide if it is better to terminate a current driver and hire an unknown. Or, invest in the current driver that has been with the firm for years. Often all a driver may need is some one-on-one, in-truck training. Many organizations may find it difficult to accomplish this type of training due to a lack of experienced trainers and time to hold the training.

At Integrated Loss Control we recognize the need and importance of time and resources to retrain and retain. ILC will work with your driver to address the drivers’ weaknesses and increase awareness in all aspects of driving.


ILC’s Training will provide:

Customized training to meet the organization and driver’s needs
On-truck training dealing with all types of traffic situations
Written proof of training
Weekend training


What is the Return On your Investment?

Provides you with leverage with you insurance company showing the course of action taken to retrain your driver verses terminating the individual.
On-truck training dealing with all types of traffic situations
Reduces recruiting costs.
Reduce chances of future accidents with your driver, which in turn can reduce insurance costs and enhance industry image.
What is the Best Approach for You?


A Structured Approach To Delivering What is Needed
We listen to what your specific needs are and go through the following processes to accomplish your goals.



Example of Specific Training That May Be Needed
Our Training Courses

ILC’s Retrain-to-RetainSM course(s) are specific to each carrier and driver need. We listen to what your needs are and create a plan of action to give you the best training for your operation. All of ILC’s training sessions begin with a basic overview of the fundamentals related to the issue which leads into the customized training required.

Our Qualified Instructors

Our instructors have many years of safety management, instructing, and driving experience enabling them to identify bad driving habits, and weaknesses of individuals to coach them to be successful in your operation. Our instructors listen to your needs and review accident reports to develop the best approach to accomplish your goals.