ILC is can assist your organization in planning and implementing a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery program. Planning and implementation is developed in compliance with the generally accepted practices in recovery planning. It is specifically designed to guide your organization through a recovery effort of identified business functions.

At the onset of a disaster, your organization, employees and resources should be able to respond quickly to adverse incidents and conditions. This impacts your organization’s ability to perform critical business functions. ILC has developed procedures to provide clear, concise, and essential directions to recover from varying degrees of business interruptions and disasters. Your organization will be prepared for and have a process needed for disaster recovery that protects three core assets:

Human: Employees, intellectual capital, vendors, investors and consumers.
Financial Resources: Cash, credit rating, capital equipment, physical assets, revenue cycle, value chain, etc.
Reputation: The positive feelings people have for your organization. This includes how your organization is viewed in the community.

The goal of ILC’s Disaster Recovery Program is business continuity. Downtime costs approximately 50% market share for every 8 hours. The number one non-financial condition impacting your organization’s survival following a disaster is customer service.

The purpose of ILC’s Disaster Recovery Plan is to minimize the impact of the disaster on your organization and to reestablish normal operations within a reasonable time. Severe disruptions can arise from several sources including natural disasters, fires, explosions, equipment failures, acts of terrorism, workplace violence, and transit accidents. The plan identifies critical operations and describes procedures to ensure that your organization’s facility functions effectively in the event of an interruption due to a loss of information, personnel, equipment, or facilities. The Disaster Recovery Plan will provide your organization with alternative sites to regain critical business functions following a disaster. Roles and responsibilities will be identified, as well as an outline for how business operations will be conducted until normal business operations can be resumed.

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