ILC Staff can provide a defined level of on-going hands-on administrative support helping clients manage the Disaster Recovery Program’s three essential elements.

ILC’s services include, but are not limited to the following:

Audit Processes
Business Income Interruption Guidelines
Duties in the Event of a Loss
Fatality Reporting & Guidelines
General Consultation
Key Process Evaluation: ILC is available to assist in the implementation of departmental disaster recovery plans for their functional area, including the potential risks specific to that area, the impact of loss, and the emergency contacts.
Review of Internal Plans & Policies: ILC will review documents and procedures currently in place to determine that they are sufficient and meet business continuity needs..
Risk Assessment/Vulnerability Analysis: ILC will assist in discovering the types of disasters that may affect your organization and what their impact is to your business.
Salvage & Restoration Guidelines
Table-Top Exercises
Training of Empolyee Roles & Responsibilities

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